The Matrix

Bill Kerr
2 min readMay 12, 2018

I recently learned a great concept from one of my great friends/mentors.

His name is Drew Slater.

Drew talked about his matrix . . .

Imagine five points on a star. Image this is your life.

All points on the star are all worth five points.

Those points reflect the following . . .

1) Wealth

2) Environment

3) Career

4) Health

5) Relationships

This simple matrix can really go a long way to pointing out what you need to focus on to get yourself back on track or simply level up.

Whenever you are feeling like something is a bit amiss.

Feeling like you need to invest some time back in yourself, use this matrix.

Give yourself a challenge.

Here is mine for example . . .

Wealth is a 1. I have debt inside of my company and have never felt financially secure although we continue to grow in leaps and bounds.

Environment is 4. I live by the beach and walk my dog everyday at the beach and the park. I love my gym and I love my offices.

Career is 3. I have always felt like somewhat of an imposter. Whether that is right or wrong. But I do sometimes step back and see what I have created with pride.

Health is a 4. I could probably score this lower. But I train, I meditate and I also enjoy myself. 4 is fair.

Relationships is 4. I am single which is probably the reason this is not a 5. Although I work too much and travel often, I am surrounded by the people that I love and have some great friends.

So this to me is simple . . .

My whole thing this year is debt. And crushing it.

I want to be able to look at AdventureFit and drive it forward from a place of abundance.

And I will do it this year.

Add to that my quest to keep educating and bettering myself as a person and an entrepreneur and I know my focus for this period in my life.

Here is my challenge to you . . . Score your own life.

Share it or keep it to yourself. That’s not what’s important.

Score your life. Be honest. And then put practices in place to work where you need work.

Invest time in yourself.

At the end of the day I believe we don’t do that enough. We don’t focus on us.

We focus on work, status, money, even others . . . Sure it’s great to help others but there has to be a point where we look after number one.

That time is now.

If you have the courage, drop me your score.



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